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Published by Financial Aid Consulting on Monday, 27th April 2015 - 3:27PM in About Us


Since founding Financial Aid Consulting in 2001 Howard Freedman has met and exceeded the expectations of thousands of students by making a college education more affordable.

In 2003 Howard Freedman was recruited to become ACCESS program manager providing financial aid services and scholarships to a diverse population of over 2700 high school seniors in the Boston Public Schools. Through his leadership and rapport with students, guidance counselors and school administrators, the number of financial aid consultations and scholarship applications skyrocketed to it's highest level in the program's history.

Prior to Financial Aid Consulting, Howard has achieved an impressive professional resume and foundation on which Financial Aid Consulting was built. Over several decades, his professional careers in financial management and consulting sharpened his analytical and negotiation skills while saving employers and clients millions in operating expenses. He was recognized as Man of the Year by the American Payroll Association and received the Whatever It Takes Award for business consulting excellence along with many other citations and awards for his volunteering, writing and public speaking accomplishments.

Howard received his BS Degree in Business Management from Northeastern University and an MBA from Suffolk University in Boston. He graduated from the College Board’s Financial Aid Institute and completes ongoing financial aid training. He is a member of MASCA, Massachusetts School Counselors Association and MASFAA, Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators where he served on the newsletter and technology committees. He has written for and quoted by a variety of national publications and trade journals addressing financial aid, college, business topics along with humorous satire and editorial commentaries. Many of his articles are shared on this site.

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