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Financial Aid Documents

Financial aid forms are neither foolproof nor provide colleges with an accuare evaluation of what you really can afford. They can be misinterpreted, subject to undetected mistakes and discourage parents from bothering to apply for financial aid at all.

The FAFSA, the best known financial aid form, is a starting point and just one of many financial aid forms described in this section. Knowing how your data is processed and making the results work in your favor are at the essence of the value added services that I provide.


Federal and State Financial aid form used by all colleges. 

Used by all colleges for federal and state aid to calculate EFC, the Expected Family Contribution. The 2013-2014 academic years requires 2012 student and parental incomes and certain assets. Income can be projected and adjusted to W-2 and tax information when completed. Form can be submitted beginning January 1, 2013.

SAR (Student Aid Report)

The output of the FAFSA after it is processed.

Processed FAFSA output. It is an Informational worksheet that reports FAFSA details, errors and financial eligibility for governmental loans and grants. In turn, corrections can be made on the form or on line.

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