Work While You Are In School

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Work While You're In School

by Howard Freedman

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What many students fail to realize is the value of working while attending college. Don't get me wrong, working should not get in the way of succeeding while pursuing your degree That takes hard work, perseverance, and a focus to succeed. Yet at some point, you will graduate and face the challenges of the real world. These challenges may be to find the best job or career opportunity with the best employer, buy a car, find a place to live and yes, figure the best ways to pay off student loans and credit.

Later on, in this website, you will learn about obtaining and paying off credit debt which is only one element of establishing good credit and lowering the cost of borrowing. Yet another factor, which is sometimes overlooked is the value of finding a part-time position that not only pays the bills but provides a stronger foundation on which to build your credit. This will take establishing an unblemished and longer employment without job skipping. You may even feel lucky if employers offer tuition reimbursement and positions after graduation. You'll never know until you try

Finding these positions should not be difficult as long as you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work. You can locate these positions through your college, networking with fellow students or just knocking on doors as you may never know who may be looking for college students. The many benefits of working beyond the financial compensation are finding ways to enhance your skills, building a resume, improving your credit scores for less expensive borrowing, tuition reimbursement and a greater opportunity for future employment after college.

Working and attending college is not an either-or situation. Both go hand in hand by providing in class and a real-world balance. Beyond that almighty diploma, students will face many challenges after graduation unless they have earned degrees in highly sought and well-paid positions. Granted, it would be nice to be in these positions, but many students may be more challenged by entry-level positions that hardly make ends meet.

That is why striking that balance between work and school may provide an advantage to those that have proven themselves academically and in the real working world.

As a co-op student at Northeastern University, I was fortunate to be in a program that offered both academic and work experience that helped shape my future. It resulted in accumulating savings, no debt, and a promising future. I had a work history to merit my first credit card which I promptly paid. I was able to borrow to pay for my car and house without any hassle and worked hard to continually improve my credit score and ability to borrow. Granted that my generation focused more on savings and planning for the future, there is no reason that you couldn't do the same by planning ahead and realize that a degree will not buy you everything. It is just a credential to the doors that you can open well before you receive it.

I hope that this article will inspire you to recognize the benefits of working while in college to shape a brighter future.

You will be more grateful and financially secure when you do. 

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