The Forms

Types of Forms

Here is a menu of financial aid forms that you may encounter

Financial Aid Documents

Financial Aid Documents Financial aid documents do not just come in one form. Although the FAFSA Is the most common, my direction is to explain to families how to complete them and what they mean. Yes, the forms have become streamlined with more links...

Financial Aid Forms Fright

The FAFSA holds an important role in the financial aid process. Be aware that it doesn't do everything. Learn what it does and how a financial aid consultant can make a difference.

Financial Aid Mistakes

How do you avoid mistakes when applying for financial aid? This article will keep you on the right track to success.

Hurdles To Financial Aid

Working with hundreds of students and their families has enabled me to better understand their varied needs and how to satisfy them. Despite the differences in their academic and financial needs, I have found common characteristics and challenges that...

Improving Forms

This high impact essay by Howard Freedman focuses on what is needed to improve the financial aid process.  Reading it will help you to better understand the complexities and inconsistencies of a process in dire need of continuous improvement.  I...

Payroll Checks Role For Financial Aid

Have you ever realized how important a payroll check can can be in helping families pay for a college education? The payroll check stub provides the critical data for the financial aid applications that can make college educations more affordable. With...