College Planning

The Big Leagues

Winning the game

Your Life Just Got a Little Easier

This is an important reprint from the home page of my website  Your Life Got A Little Easier  by Howard Freedman Many...

Making College Happen-Realties

This unique and highly rated book is a no nonsense guide that cost through the information overload and better explains the...

Know The Facts

Take this simple true and false quiz to clarify the myths and realties of college financing

Network To College

Networking is the most effective way for making contacts and getting the right answers from those in the know. Now is the...

Stay Organized

Enter some text... Stay Organized by Howard Freedman  Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No portion of this article...

Choose A College Major

Here are some helpful hints when choosing a college major.

Summer-Best Time To Plan

Summer Could Be the Best Time to Visit and Prepare for College by Howard Freedman Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No...

Family Campus Visit Guide

Campus vists will be a challenging, exciting and enjoyable experience. Here is what to do.

Campus Visits Home Schooled

Campus Visits for he Homeschooled  Copyright 2018-Finacial Aid Consulting. All rights reserved, no portion of this article...

College Is Affordable

College is Affordable if You are Willing To Go For It by Howard Freedman Copyright 2018-Finacial Aid Consulting. All...

Being Frugal

Being Frugal During Hard Economic Times  by Howard Freedman Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No portion of this...

You Don't Need Cash For College

Don't worry if you don't have the cash to pay for college. There are many other options to get yoiuthere

Tax Savings For College

This article addresses some of the tax savings for families with students attending college.