Providing Value

Published by Financial Aid Consulting on Wednesday, 10th December 2014 - 5:31PM


  Strategize and Explore

  • Develop selection criteria roadmaps
  • Review majors and employment outlook
  • Compare college admission and financial aid
  • Create campus visits analytics
  • Ensure families communicate effectively


Prepare Timely and Accurate Forms

  • Prepare custodial and non custodial financial aid forms
  • Recommend ways to increase financial aid
  • Explain how to find merit aid
  • Counsel students to prepare resumes and college essays

Analyze and Appeal Awards

  • Analyze financial aid awards
  • Write financial aid appeal letters
  • Explain how Professional Judgment works
  • Recommend ways to obtain additional aid
  • Explore alternatives

Finding The Right Solutions

  • Offer tools for family budget analysis
  • Recommend ways to pay for college
  • Explore gap year, employment and military options
  • Provide ongoing support as needed
  • Earn trust by providing value added results

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