Making College Happen-Realties

This unique and highly rated book is a no nonsense guide that cost through the information overload and better explains the emotional, financial and strategic ways to make college possible. It is a great read and an essential tool to keep families...

Slideshow-A Humorous Path To College

Watch this slideshow about the lighter side of getting to college. I created it to show that you are not alone. Every once in while you need to take a break, laugh a little and realize that the student will move on to college. Then with hard work...

Students Must Take Charge

Empowering Students to make Their Own Decisions

Reducing The Fear of College Searching

   Reducing The Fear of College Searches by Howard Freedman Copyright 2019 Financial Aid Consulting. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be reproduced mechanically, electronically, by photocopying or by any other means...

10 Keys To Money Management Success*

Here are some valuable lessons in learning how to better manage your money and financial decisions.