Guidance Counselor Testimonials

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Guidance Counselor Testimonials

Several years after establishing Financial Aid Consulting, I was recruited to become the ACCESS program manager in the Boston Public School system. During that time, I developed a strong admiration for the hard work and commitment guidance counselors, teachers and administrators provided their students. In turn, I appreciated their many letters of gratitude for what I accomplished to help their students make a college education possible.

Paul Corrigan Guidance Director, Muriel Snowden International School Boston Public School System What struck me most about Howard was his organizational skills and attention to detail. His concern for others is exemplary. He is a very effective team player with great qualities of leadership. Quite honestly, I have met few people during my life who are as sensitive and compassionate as Howard Freedman. His administrative and interpersonal skills are exceptional. He is a good listener and strives for personal and professional growth, something I believe is essential.

Luella Ferrell Carter Academic and Clinical Coordinator Health Careers Academy Boston Public School System Howard went the extra mile for our students. Most of our students are first-generation college bound students who have no one at home to help them with the financial aid process. Howard is a caring, self-disciplined, highly motivated professional who takes great pride in producing quality work. His efforts are evident when one looks at the FAFSA completion rate for our students. 98% off our students completed the process before the end of the school year. This is quite an accomplishment when one is trying to engage high school seniors who are so overwhelmed that they become immobilized. 

Maureen O’Donnell and Ronald Johnson Guidance Counselors Boston Community Leadership Academy Boston Public School System. Howard was both the ACCESS Program Manager and the advisor at our school supporting over 100 seniors. Howard was flexible and went above and beyond his scheduled time. He had an outstanding knowledge of the financial aid process and effectively communicated with students, staff, teachers and seniors. Howard graciously talked with parents, answered their questions and offered additional support, if needed. Howard also provided statistical data and graphs to our headmaster since all seniors were expected to complete and submit financial aid forms as a requirement for graduation. 

 Jerry Howland Headmaster Another Course to College Boston Public School System.Howard is a deeply caring and committed individual who volunteered many hours beyond what was required in his position to help students in need. He made connections with students from both ends of the spectrum-our valedictorian and students who were on the verge of dropping out of school. Howard spent many hours helping a young woman whose mother had been killed in an automobile crash because her financial aid application was unique and required creative approaches to solve her financial needs. I give him my highest recommendation when it comes to any position where caring and commitment are integral elements of the job description. Howard was able to work effectively with students of various backgrounds. His affable demeanor while working with students and parents often confused by the financial aid process enhance his effectiveness so that students remained focused on what they needed to accomplish. We considered him a valuable asset to our guidance services. 

Edward Considine Program Director Muriel Snowden International School Boston Public School System. Mr. Freedman is a personable and effective advisor and leader in which his work at our school was tremendously important. His role was a crucial one at our school as he spent a great amount of time to ensure that each student participated and reached our goal to have 100% of our students apply for financial aid. He kept meticulous and up to date records of his work with our seniors and helped the school set up a system that we could duplicate for the future. His knowledge of the financial aid process, including new government regulations, his willingness to spend all the time necessary, coupled with his personable connection he made with staff and students, helped to make this program great success.

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