Client and Reader Testimonials

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Client and Reader Testimonials 

Read some of the many testimonials that I received from clients, guidance counselors and readers of Making College Happen-The Realties of Coping with College Costs


Just a few of the many thank you from satisfied clients.

• Thank you for your help. You rock at this stuff. Mary and Jake D.

• Some people make life better for everyone around them. That's how you are. Your kind heart and generous soul have blessed so many people. Don't ever forget how much you mean-Tony T

• Thank you and God bless you in return for your kindness-Charlene.

• There is a tremendous, unspeakable peace of mind knowing that the forms are in place. I could not do it without you. -Pia

• Thank you for your help and expertise, you've been our angel sent our way. Mary H

• I wanted to thank you for your help with our forms, kindness, understanding, and friendship through this difficult time. -Nancy

Readers of Making College Happen-The Realties of Coping with College Costs

From my publisher Jack T.

I’m proud to have published your book. It’s a terrific book that I always hoped would reach a wide audience. It’s full of great info that can help many students and families. I

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Patrick Flaherty

If you are preparing for the journey of high education for your children, then this book is most valuable. It takes all the mystery out of what the daunting task of is initially navigating the financial aid road. The wealth of knowledge in this single book is worth the book's cost in spades. There are things that without the right guidance and education that would I have been missed if I had not read this book. As other children ready for college I continue to refer to this book for guidance. The author clearly has been around the high education financial aid for a very long time and this easy read of his wisdom is invaluable.

5.0 out of 5 stars

by Michael S Nakashima

Just successfully completed the college application process for my youngest son who has been accepted into his first-choice college in 2017. This book is topical, well written, and approaches the many aspects of financing a college education with honesty and an open mind. Highly recommended for any parent who is going through the sometimes scary and always confusing college application process.

5 out of 5 stars

Margaret Myers

Retired Principal

"Making College Happen: The Realities of Coping with College Costs", by Howard Freedman, is a practical, well-organized guide that demystifies the complexities of how to plan for your student's continuing education. Creating a plan, answering thought-provoking questions and communicating openly with your student are just a few of the steps Howard outlines. His approach is refreshing and insightful, using his many years of experience as a financial aid consultant, he divides the process of planning and financing college into reasonable and timely steps to help guide families make informative educational and financial decisions.

5 out of 5 stars

Brian F. Mahoney

Great manual, very helpful. This book should be read by all parents by their student’s sophomore year to get ready for college planning and we should all keep it handy till senior year as it contains much helpful advice for after a college is selected. I have been a lawyer for over 30 years and am very good at research and paperwork, etc., and yet I learned how difficult it is to understand and deal with financial aid and the FAFSA. They are not easy areas to deal with and this manual really helps a lot and it would help you too. I very highly recommend it.

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Robert Burelli

Howard Freedman has done it! He wrote a book, Making College Happen, and put all pertinent information regarding college finances, various loans, how to choose the right college for the student, visit colleges, and ask the right questions—everything necessary to make college happen—in terms that parents and students can understand. And the format is user-friendly! It's a reference work, a how-to book, and a travel guide all in one, seasoned with some sage wisdom from someone who has years of experience working with students and colleges. As an educator, I applaud His contribution to the field of education; it's long overdue. As a parent with two kids in the college scene, I cannot thank Mr. Freedman enough for making an otherwise daunting task of readying kids for college and keeping them current much easier and even enjoyable. There are few books worth their weight in gold. This is one of them.

5 out of 5-star review

Marc D.

I found this book to be a "must have" for any parent or grandparent who is interested in better understanding all of the questions regarding funding their child's/grandchild's college education. Mr. Freedman unveils many surprising misconceptions regarding the most cost-effective options available to finance a college education and the risks associated with all of the options. This book will get you organized to prepare for one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. a college education that is fit for purpose. Case study examples provided in this book are also very effective and will provide real life examples of what to do and even more importantly . . . what not to do. This book is well referenced but if you're interested in diving in deeper, review Mr. Freedman's website at:

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