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Good Advice

by Howard Freedman

Welcome to the Financial Aid Consulting website. You'll find it very different and exciting, packed with a wealth of original and valuable information and my qualifications to best serve you.

Scope of Services

Here is the scope of the services provided by Financial Aid Consulting. After reviewing these services please move on to Read About Us to gain a more in-depth description of Howard Freedman's background and qualifications.

Beyond directing the completion of financial aid forms, Financial Aid Consulting helps families to better understand the overall process and more effectively communicate about affordable colleges and responsibilities for assuming a variety of financial options.

My services are not intended to compete with other companies or free programs. They do a good job but don't always offer the depth of personalized services that put clients at ease through this sometimes frightening process.

I have done this by applying my many years of financial and financial aid management and consulting experiences to each new challenge. With this blend, I have worked closely with a diverse range of clients from all financial means. This is in addition to guidance counselors, headmasters and headmistresses, and college financial administrators who have served as wonderful resources when needed. I supplement this by belonging to professional organizations, attending relevant workshops and using other resources. for staying abreast of the college and financial aid world.

As you read on, these services and my publications extend far beyond the scope of just completing financial aid forms. They cover a multitude of information for helping families to make the right decisions for attending an affordable college.

Howard can be reached via this website or at or at 782-341-0234

Financial aid form consultation and direction

• Identify the red flags of conflicting information

• Explain the verification process

• Discuss custodial and non-custodial parental responsibilities

• Share how to avoid parental horror stories

• Audit forms already completed by parents.

• Improve communications between the student and client

• Discuss if college is really worth it

• Refine the focus on the best colleges at the right costs

• Plan for a college visit

• Know what questions to ask

• Identify ways to reduce college costs

• Explain the different types of college loans

• Provide directions for repayment options

• Discuss financial options-loans, scholarships, etc.

• Provide suggestions for careers and majors

• Review and analyze the financial aid letter

• Assist with the appeal process and how to communicate with financial aid advisors

• Explain the financial options and the right mix for each family

• Answer questions

• Follow up with clients as needed

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