Stay Organized

Published by Financial Aid Consulting on Wednesday, 11th July 2018 - 12:00PM in College Planning


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Stay Organized

by Howard Freedman

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Plan Ahead

• Read Making College Happen-The Realties of Coping With College Costs

• Meet with your family to clarify needs and resources to pay for college

• Develop selection criteria roadmaps

• Review majors and employment outlook

• Compare college admission and financial aid

• Create campus visits analytics

• Ensure families communicate effectively

Prepare Timely and Accurate Forms

• Prepare custodial and non-custodial financial aid forms

• Discuss ways to increase financial aid

• Use a qualified financial aid consultant to keep you organized

• Network to find avenues for merit-based aid

• Counsel students to prepare resumes and college essays

Analyze and Appeal Awards

• Analyze financial aid awards

• Write financial aid appeal letters

• Explain how Professional Judgment works

• Recommend ways to obtain additional aid

• Explore alternatives

Finding the Right Solutions

• Offer tools for family budget analysis

• Recommend ways to pay for college

• Explore gap year, employment and military options

• Provide ongoing support as needed

• Earn trust by providing value-added results

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