Your Life Just Got a Little Easier

Published by Financial Aid Consulting on Monday, 20th August 2018 - 12:00PM in College Planning


Your Life Got A Little Easier 

by Howard Freedman

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Many families are well aware of the escalating college costs and information overload. Coping with these challenges, they need financial aid professionals to make their dreams come true.

The Players 

For example, the guidance counselor recommends schools but not necessarily how to pay for them; financial planners look at the parent's portfolio to discern if and when to borrow without impacting their retirement or other savings needed for their future.  Accountants work the numbers for tax savings, but not necessarily decrease their client's Expected Family Contribution. Attorneys that deal with divorce and separations don't always address how financial aid will be impacted by which parent has custody of the student. Lenders offer many options which are sometimes costly and don't offer the right features. This is where buyers need to be more aware of how to get the right all around advice and best bang from their bucks!  Even when it comes to meeting a college financial aid officer, a poorly documented or presented appeal letter for more financial aid may be doomed for failure without the right format, content and convincing arguments that can be prepared by a financial aid professional. 

With these and more individuals involved in everyday life, a professional financial aid consultant has the objectivity and knowledge to understand each player and fairly recommend the best ways to increase student aid.

This website is original and contains numerous articles that I have written to answer many of your questions. In a way, it is a gift to my readers to make your life a little easier in order to make college a reality.

My book Making College Happen, The Realities of Coping with College Costs is also a valuable resource that I wrote after reading other books that do not address all of the same issues. Its purpose is not about completing forms. The focus is simply explaining the best routes to college, improving communications and understanding this process in an easy to read a publication that answers many of the questions perplexing most families.

The whole process of deciding on the right and affordable colleges is not always an easy one. It involves effective communications and a person that can provide expert advice at a fair price. It takes someone who can cut through all of the red tapes, put a family’s angst at ease and turn the face of fear into one of happiness.

The journey to college can be stressful and create some guilt for families that didn’t save enough, or it can also be a very pleasant one.

I recommend that you view and enjoy my slideshow, A Humorous Path to College in the About Us Channel in addition to the video on the home page. You can also view the video by clicking the arrow in the circle at the top of the page.

Yes, life can be easier with Financial Aid Consulting. Just read on to find out how we can help to make your dreams come true.

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