Being Frugal

Published by Financial Aid Consulting on Sunday, 21st December 2014 - 9:41PM in College Planning


Being Frugal During Hard Economic Times

by Howard Freedman

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• Babysit and mow lawns regardless of your age

• Take summer courses at less expensive schools

• Start at a two-year college and transfer

• Go part time and then full time

• Find colleges that offer cooperative education

• Research in-state residency requirements for in-state tuition

• Find programs that offer research and other grants

• Work for employers that offer tuition assistance

• Work at a college to receive free courses

• Look for tutoring opportunities

• Start your own on-campus business

• Take a break and volunteer for AmeriCorps

• Enlist in the military to acquire skills and earn scholarship money

• Cut down on your college meal plan

• Share living expenses where possible

• Use credit cards as a last resort

• Pay your bills on time to establish good credit

• Take advantage of no interest installment payment plans

• Research high demand jobs that will pay well when you graduate and can pay off your loans

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